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Car Sales

More than 120 cars at Exhibition hall all time!

Big Stage offers a selection of vehicles and services.
We provide any type of cars and deliver throughout Japan.

BigStage(部品) BigStage(機器) BigStage(機器)

We have many reliable cars

sistema,certificado We have joined Odometer Management System

Because we have joined "Odometer Management System" which Japan Auto Auction Association has developed, most of our used cars have very accurate odometer.

Our cars are Goo certified (with certification)

Big Stage shows all the conditions of the vehicles to customers. Most of our cars are certified by third party accurately. Customers from outside of Aichi can purchase them without any worry.

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Payment at purchasing a used car

We have low rate loans Financiadoras

At Big Stage, you can buy or lease a car.
We work with a large network of lenders so we can usually put together a financing deal that will let you drive the car you desire.
We offer you a loan with no down payment, an abatement period of 120 months with a competitive interest rate from 4.9.
Let us help you find a car payment that fits your best interests and budget.

<Auto Loan Partners>
Jaccs, Cedyna, Premium Financial Services, APLUS, Orico, Aeon Product Finance.

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oficina Inspection/Repair/Press/Paint

We have a repair shop next to our store, and we can handle sudden car troubles quickly. Feel free to ask us about car inspection, repair, press, and paint.
You can use a loaner car for free!

BigStage(Part) BigStage(Equipment) BigStage(Equipment)

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FInishing Interior and Exterior

FInishing Interior and Exterior

We will clean the interior with our exclusive tools for your peace and confirt. Cleanliness is our first priority.
We will use a polisher for the exterior. According to the progress, polisher, buff, and compound are used properly and carefully. Much experience is needed for this work.

BigStage(FInishing Interior and Exterior ) BigStage(Tool) BigStage(Part)
BigStage(Exterior) BigStage(Equipment)

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We are Concentrating on Dress up and Custom

We are Concentrating on Dress up and Custom

We can realize your only dress up. You can rely on our customization like luxury wheel or aero. We can make them cheaper if you purchase them from us. Recently, we display a lot of cars with popular wheels. Of course we deal with air suspension, and others as well.

dress up① dress up② dress up③
dress up④ dress up⑤ dress up⑥

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We Buy Your Car

High Price. Welcome to Just Sell. Free Assessment. We will give you good assessment

Please sell us your cherished car! We will give a good assessment for vehicles with a good condition. Feel free to contact us.

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