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Urasato 2-208 Midori-ku Nagoya-shi
número de telefone 052-891-2800 endereço de E-mail bigstage@m2.dion.ne.jp

·Business Hours
  9:00 - 20:00

·Always Open

スタッフ募集中 お気軽にお電話下さい!

Store Info

Introduction of Our Store

This sign is the trademark! BigStage

Quality and line up is our strength.
Please ask us anything about purchasing a used car.
We can provide a good service because we are particular about used car sales.
Big Stage wishes "to support enriching your car life".

Kids room Kids room for your children to play

We are well supplied with a Kids room, so that customers with children can select your favorite car without any haste. Please bring you family.

Wide and peaceful negotiation space negotiation space

"Is there any cheaper car?"
"I want to see more types of cars!"
Our well experienced staffs can answer to your requests with rich knowledge. Until you find a car which you are satisfied with, we will diligently support you.

BigStag (Stage II) Big exhibition in Stage II (2nd store)

We display our rich line ups at Stage Ⅱ. You can select your best from more than 120 cars including light vehicles, compact cars, VIP sedan, mini-van, and 1 box.
Stage Ⅱ (2nd Store)
Location: Yamashita 106-2 Narumi-chou Midori-ku Nagoya-shi
Telephone: 052-891-5300

BigStage(Exhibition car) BigStage(In the store①) BigStage(In the store② )

Group photo

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Introduction of Big Stage's Repair Shop

Repair Shop Repair Shop2

We repair completely in our shop before delivery.
We do car inspection and general repair as well.

BigStage(maintenance) BigStage(maintenance) BigStage(maintenance)
This is the press shop the press shop

We can press, paint and even install aero parts on your car in our shop! Please ask us anything about cars. We will respond you quickly and politely.

BigStage(repair shop) BigStage(repair shop) BigStage(repair shop)

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Member of Safe and Reliable JU Aichi

JU Aichi JU Aichi

Big Stage is a member of JU Aichi which supports clients to be able to find a desired car.

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